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Michele Thomas slipped away from us quietly due to cancer on December 28, 1998. She was just becoming more widely known for her role on the daytime soap, The Young & The Restless. Her most famous role was from TV as Urkel's girlfriend, Myra on ABC's "Family Matters". But we the public first got a glimpse of her years ago on NBC's "The Cosby Show".

She played the girlfriend of Theo. It's widely known among fans that Malcolm Jamal Warner and Michele Thomas were in a relationship off screen as well. It has been reported that he was also there in the hospital with her as she breathed her last. I include her here with sadness because it's a cinderella story that was cut short. Click on her picture to go to a link that is the starting point of a whole webring on Michele. That's the great thing about the internet. If the "system" doesn't do a person right, you can come on here, express yourself, and give credit where it's due.

Dawn Staley handles the rock like few can, male or female! I remember her wheelin' and dealin' at UVA, since every game in Virginia college basketball was televised back then (except ours!). Like most female BBall athletes she played overseas professionally, due to the lack of support for women's sports on a professional level in the USA. This sister is exciting to watch, and when the WNBA gets going this year, you'll be in for a treat if you haven't really seen her operate. No-look passes, steals, and assorted moves that would make Magic Johnson proud! She gets the short end of attention also because she's no glamour girl, but she makes no excuses, says she's damn tired of being told she plays like a man. If you are out there throwing down on the hardwood/asphalt/concrete, and doing it right, that's all that matters. This sister is so good, she actually worked out with the Philly 76ers at their practices in preparation for the Olympics. I like that, because nothing breaks down the stereotypes of race or gender better than plain old achievement. She made the jump from the ABL to the WNBA while the price was high, and just before the better talented ABL folded months later. The WNBA will bring her more spotlight time, and some bank to match the selfless work she has put in all these years. She's from Philly too, and that makes it that much sweeter. Show 'em how it's done, homeslice!

Brandy and Monica teamed up on the song "The Boy is Mine". I like this trend of artists working together. These two have the world at their feet, and tons of time ahead of them to conquer it. I repeat this a lot on this site, but I have to say it again: I feel proud of them. They are role models, they know it, and they accept the responsibility. Just as the Cosby Show was in the 80s, Brandy's show "Moesha" is a major influence on the way we are portrayed in the media.

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes

Just when I thought Chili had a lock on the cutest of the group, I see this... Anyway, Lisa is part of the musical trio TLC, and I am editing this text as of May 2002 to report that she died last month in an auto accident. In little more than ten years, Lisa Lopes as part of TLC made a profound impact on the music industry, in more ways than one. The record sales and the trendy styles, were one, Lisa's promotion of safe sex by wearing a condom as a patch over her right eye was another, and the group's battle to get more money for their efforts by filing for bankruptcy was another. Still another was the public drama of Lisa's relationship with pro footballer Andre Rison, but enough has been made of that, I can't see getting into that in this light. Lisa is missed dearly. Homegirl was a bonafide original!