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Got Links? Here's more than enough....

The Hunger Site - Food Donations that cost you NOTHING !: You can make a difference! it's this simple. Click on a button, and starving people get food. You can do it once a day from EVERY PC you can get to. Tell your friends, co-workers, do it EVERYDAY !!
Home site of FunkMasterFlex: Flex is part of Hip Hop's DJ Royalty.
Yahoo's Clubs - Definitely worth checking out !: Start your own club. Have people join, have a chatroom, all for free! America, what a country!
Adults only!! This site is graphic, gross, and tasteless: It's also a site I keep hearing about. If you can take the heat, come into the kitchen.
Sugar Kills!! Film at 11....: Reduce your sugar intake, lose weight. It's that simple. Also, avoid diabetes and a host of other problems. Sugar is everywhere, especially via "High Fructose Corn Syrup". Stop the addiction!!
ABOUT.COM : - One of the best resources for information about anything.
4 ANYTHING.COM: Talk about anything! Maybe it's the logo gimmick that's got me. I have found tons of things through this site's never-ending sub-topics of "4 s" Getting hard-to-find info has never been easier
DOGPILE.COM: Search ALL the major search engines, get to the info you want quicker.
POWERS OF TEN: I saw this on PBS years ago, and I thought it's quasi-cool to look at.
LyricsWorld - Find Any Song Lyric You Want : Well almost any... This and the next three sites should about cover any standard song.
LyricSearch: Song lyric search engine #2 You know you have an embarrasing song that you always hum? Get the words!
Song Song Search engine #3