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Do I sound jealous? Well, I'm not. But you gotta admit, Holmes came from out of NOWHERE to land one of the more popular and dynamic personalities on the planet. I just hope he takes his vitamins. Melanie Brown has energy to burn. It will take some time for all the pics to download. So let me occupy that waiting time with more witty input. As you know by now, they met when dancers were chosen to pair up with each Spice Girl for some on-stage numbers. The article in InStyle magazine, where I "borrowed" these pics, said that Jimmy Gulzar, Mr. Lucky, was classically trained as a dancer, and was also once the Dutch Breakdancing champion. (That's right...Stop laughing!) It was a bit of the ole "love at first sight". Then again, the Spice Girls are kept so insulated from the public, so protected from normal contact, it was bound to happen that the men who get in there close, get to hold, move, and sweat with the Girls for hours on end as they rehearse and perform, that they were going to be the most likely candidates.

You have to admit, that is a one of a kind dress!

This was a storybook wedding for a little girl from Leeds. After achieving the dream of stardom, with all the wealth and unlimited potential it brings, Melanie gets her storybook wedding. I guess it was true, that song of theirs "If You Can't Dance, you Cant Do Nothing For Me...". It took a dancer to get with her. The groom, Jimmy Gulzar said in the article that when the Girls first came in to meet their chosen dance partners, Mel B walked right up to him, looked him right in the eyes and said, "Hmmm, mine is very sexy..." He thought, "What does that mean?" Melanie says, "All I knew about him was, he was from Amsterdam, he had tattoos, and he was a bit rough. Then I laid eyes on him and....WOW" The wedding was at a 12th Century church in Little Marlow, England. The reception was at the couple's estate. He has an ESTATE waiting for him.

Every guy hopes to catch the eye of the pretty girl, and for those of us who get to marry her, it's great. Mr. G must have taken the words of R. Kelly seriously in "I Believe I Can Fly" Alright, I 'll get off of him, I am sure he's a nice guy. And judging by Mel B's personality, she and he would not be together if he wasn't "bout it bout it".


Go ahead, call me a punk-ass, but I like weddings!
After the movie, "The Best Man" you'd be lying if you said
you didn't get even a little mushy at the end there!