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All pictures are from InStyle magazine, November 1998:
Come on! Aren't you just a little bit happy for them?"

The Girls and money says Sporty is loaded!

Throwing the bouquet

(left) Mr. and Mrs. Gulzar........(right)Victoria "Posh" Adams and her groom to be,....uh, er, the "soccer guy".
Emma "Baby" Bunton enjoying the event with her daughter. (Just kidding!)

They both got tattooed wedding rings at the reception, Jimmy G still looks stunned that he is there.... The article quotes him as saying, "I know it sounds cliched, but I really, really, really love Melanie." I know he means it, but one number comes to mind: 25+ million dollars! I can't help it. I had to say it.
And, of course a live salsa band helped them raise the roof all night long!

No sooner than I update this section than the news breaks in January 2000, They are heading for divorce!!
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