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I'll do the trivial "this is my car" thing:
My car. The Pontiac Bonneville. Just right. Just enough luxury, just enough performance, and just nice enough looking. How much more do you need to drive to the market?

This site has found info on things I have not been able to get from the average search engine. It's worth a look. Try it out.

Speaking of Search engines, Dogpile is a multi-engine search tool. Some come up blank, while others find plenty matches to your keyword. At least with Dogpile, you save a lot of time.

Of the franchises that churn out the wings and things, this is in competition with Fridays as my current favorite. The salmon, coconut or grilled shrimp, and "Kookaburra" wings are on! The atmosphere stinks, but don't they all? As long as you go with your own company, you can put up with the yuppie scene anywhere.
Oh, and one other thing: don't order the "Bloomin' Onion" unless you are planning to spend the next 24 hours alone.

Do you like playing pool? Can't get to, or don't care to hang out at pool halls? Don't have enough room at home for a pool table? Get this game. This is a very realistic pool game. Set aside hours for this, the angles of view, the "virtuality" is amazing. For the serious players only. Practice. Then come online, and play pool against me through the internet. Just be prepared to lose.

This is not really a link...I just had to put this here!
I am no Frankie Lymon,
I am married to just ONE of these beautiful women.
I got the best deal.

(and I don't just link to Anybody)

Ms. Deja

She's too cool for words, so just set your sights on:

From the paradise of Hawaii: She's living it, but she ain't loving it:
Ms. Nita Aloha

Of course, you can never have enough Divas:


Visit PlaNet ArieZ
Is this a nice photo or what?
Although I built my site on my own, (can't you tell?), if you need help making your own site, this is the man to contact. Check it out. I found a few of the other people (Angela and Ariez) there. Very well done, and an inspiration to make my page better.

Wendy is the one! Now ruling the airwaves in Philly, Wendy Williams is her own woman, and pays the price for it. Wendy is as real as it comes in radio. She is worth a look...anybody that stirs it up like this lady deserves at least one peep.

If you STILL don't have ICQ, you are sleeping on the best thing about communicating on the web. At last count, there are over 70 million people using ICQ. I hear so many say people they hate chat rooms, well I do too. I only found one that I go to regularly. But when I hear folks say they hate all forms of chat, I know they haven't tried ICQ. Where else can you be so selective about who you chat with? Okay, the online status viewing and instant messaging thing is done by a few others. But nobody else has "split-screen". On "split-screen" mode, see each letter as it is being typed! Also, you can split screen with more than one, and they can see each other. Also, as you're split-screening it, you can send a file, a URL,.... HEY, just take my word for it, it's jammed with customized features. And it's still free! You hear me, fellow cheapskates? FREE !! There should be no such thing as long distance phone bills with ICQ around! Download won't be disappointed. You can thank me later.

Direct Wire is a new magazine worth checking out. It has an entertainment feel to it, but it also caters to the person interested in using the internet to better their careers, and themselves.

Garcia has some of the most extensive picture galleries around. He has a special collection of Hallie Berry pictures, and I must say, I am getting into this celebrity watching on the web. Many of his collection have not been seen anywhere else. Such as this one, where Queen La-Berry is getting a "play tattoo". Check this and his site called "Hallie Heaven" by clicking on the picture. Hey, it beats watching her in "BAPS"...

This UK site is decent! When I think of England, I tend to think of the Beatles, Princess Diana, and a bunch of stiff-necks marching with those tall furry hats outside Buckingham Palace. The group Soul II Soul, Downtown Julie Brown and the Spice Girls are not alone. The pulse of a soulful culture is alive and well across the way. Blacknet UK is the first step. It has a lot of ins and outs (and if there's one thing I like, it's the ins and outs!) Check out what the folks in England have to say about this and that. Too bad we can't hear the accents from here.