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Can I talk sex without getting booted off this free web page hosting site? It's worth talking about. In many ways, it's the one thing that we just don't have any real control over. Sexual attraction is a biological reaction. We try to think pure thoughts, stay on the morally correct path. But we desire pleasure. We find it in food, drink, smoke. And sex. Our bodies desire sex. Sex is so many things to so many people. Let me narrow it down, and talk about sex between men and women. You can be going along, minding your business, and see someone that is very attractive to you.

That spark, that heightening of your senses...THAT's what I am talking about. If they come in a room, you sit up a little in your chair. If you are passing them in the street, you try to steal a good look, trying not to look obvious or desperate. Doesn't matter if you are married or not. Even days later, you remember the person and say "Damn, they were fine!" It's the response that has a man walking into walls as he turns his head to see a woman walk down the street.
It's not the classiest of moves, but it does speak to an urge stronger than our ability to deal with it. All our attention is focused on subduing it from coming out all the time. Associating it with shame and embarrassment has kept sex under wraps most of the time. But it's still there, in our mind's most private places.

Here's a casual situation. We have all been there. I see a very good looking woman as I am walking down a street. If I see her up ahead, and she is coming this way, I don't stare, but I do plan to look at her again as she passes me, because I like the way she looks. It's that simple. At this point in my life, I am not "in the market" for anyone, and even if I was single, I have never been the cheesey type to think that staring a woman down, or saying "Hey baby" is really going to lead somewhere. Then again, how do people meet? Even in these modern times it's usually up to the man to approach and roll the dice of rejection. But for me, I figure I may never see this woman again in my life. This is even more reason to make this glance count. Whether male and female, don't we all appreciate beauty?

But now let's back it up and do it again. This time, as I look ahead and see her, she also sees me, our eyes meet. Now, the sister is on alert, and she is looking at the wall, at the floor, anywhere but at me as we pass, even if we are the only ones in a hallway or on a sidewalk. She's bracing herself for some disrepecting comment or at least, for some leering look that is just as bad. It shouldn't be like that. Sometimes I just don't even look, just because it seems so expected. Sex is everywhere.

Check out these pictures:

This is the model, Avonte:

As dignified and mature as I think I am, this picture does what it is designed to do. I see this picture and my mind just says DAMN!! It just hits me....all that flesh, those curves...I can't deny my maleness, the attraction is immediate, viseral, and involuntary. I am sure she is an intelligent, positive sister. But ladies, if I put up a picture of Shemar Moore or Tyson Beckford, would you care about what books they have read? So much media attention is on the stringbeans that make up the supermodel ranks. Look at Avonte and tell me they can hold a candle to her. There isn't an ounce of wasted.........................oh sorry, I was looking at that picture again! Where was I? The skinny, half starving model image has no place here. Avonte is plush, has curves that go back to Africa. They go right to my bloodstream too.

In a recent magazine issue, a list was assembled of what they thought is the 10 sexiest women. Number one was Hallie Berry, and number ten was Lela Rochon. Someone I feel was given a short was Vivica Fox. Oh she made the list. I dont care for the necessity to rank them, but Vivica came in forth, behind Hallie, Tyra, and Lisa Raye, of "Players Club" fame. Somebody call a cop! We wuz robbed! No, seriously, I just like Vivica's style. The hardest thing to do is comedy, and she has been very funny in some otherwise lame movies, like BOOTY CALL. SET IT OFF, SOUL FOOD, and WHY DO FOOLS FALL IN LOVE further showcased her versatility. She seems real, relaxed, and believable in every role she's had (well, except for Batman Forever). But is she sexy?

Do I have to answer? My answer is YES !! Sixx Nine (her new husband) is a lucky man. Wack name....but lucky man. Don't do a "David Justice", brother, and sleep on Viv like David did Hallie. Listen to he needs advice from Me.

It's not enough that we just listen to their music. The singer has to also be a vision of sexual fantasy:

And every other product we buy is portrayed as making us more attractive. Sex is not without consequence. Like anger, it must be controlled, be channel into appropriate expression. THIS is where so many get into trouble. (Under Construction)

A Situation

I liked the movie "Soul Food". It was an honest look at family,with all it's strengths and faults. And although I thought the sex senario, where one of the husbands cheat with his wife's cousin, was totally out of place, I must say this: It was one of the best portrayals of how sex sneaks up on you, and can lead to actions you regret later. Okay, maybe it didn't exactly SNEAK up.

Here's the senario:

From the moment she appeared, the wayward cousin in Soul Food was pegged as trouble by the women in the family. The actress that played her did it well. She reminded us of the sexiness that some women excude without even trying. That free-spirit easiness that leads to as much trouble as it does to fun. The way they lead up to her quickie with the actor Michael Beach's character was a classic look at sex getting out of control:

There she was, laying out in front of a fireplace fine as can be getting a beer buzz, skirt rising up her thighs. They are alone together. Holmes should have saw it coming from there!
But he is cooling out, throwing down a beer or three, and goes to his rooftop studio to work on his music. You saw that, right, ladies? He left the situation! We as an audience almost are led to believe that we just saw a near miss. But no, it's a head-on collision coming up. Whatever vibes they were sending, even if he left to avoid temptation, was not to be denied.

She comes up to the studio after him, and from the second she comes through the door, we know it's on! The scene was brief, but inappropriate for children, and since so much of Soul Food was so good for families to see, it makes for an uncomfortable few minutes. But the scene itself illustrates the power of raw, sexual attraction. The forbidden fruit aspect, knowing it's breaking moral rules, adds to the heat. Those of us watching that weren't dead silent in the theater, were going uh, uh, uh.... knowing that they were going to get busy, regardless of the consequences.

The film did well to show the way the passion climaxed, and the way they slowly sank away in shame. Michael Beach is particularly good at facial expressions. That look of helplessness as she approached him at the piano... I can't think of another actor who could have been as on portraying that vunerability. He seems to take on those uncomfortable roles, being the man that does his woman wrong, as in the TV show, E.R.

Oh, and sex was thrown in with humor in the very beginning of Soul Food:

The family's women were about to kick some hoochie butt before the mama of the family cooled the situation out.

Sex sizzles, sex soothes, sex sells, and sex can hurt...
But then, you knew that, didn't you?

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