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My    Girl    Minnie!

"Look! Andre has a web page!"
. . . . . ."Oh damn, not Andre!"

Thanks for stopping through! Please, take your time and look around. I can't guarantee it will make you jump for joy like these two:

but I have tried to make it entertaining and maybe a little different from the average web site out there. Nothing too heavy, just this and that.
I hope you can find something to relate to on this site. This is the first page I've done, and it's become a more personal journey than I expected.

I am a fan of humor that doesn't need to be profane to be funny, so it would be nice if it met the approval of two of my favorite comedians.
That's not to say that I don't like the Richard Pryor or Def Comedy Jam type, but Cosby and Sinbad appeal to the whole family, and if you can get the whole family together, and have them laughing, you have the kind of humor we need more of in the world.

You may notice in places, that my page has fallen a bit out of date. It wasn't touched much in '99 or 2000, so as of April 2001, I am making an effort to add stuff here, instead of what I have been doing; adding stuff to a lot of other people's pages. (OPP?) The best thing you can do for me is hit the guestbook, or email me, or Yahoo Instant Message me, or ICQ me... just say anything! The 'net has enough rubber necking looky loos, it's time to speak your mind! Okay, so let's begin:

The A98 Story


Looking for a cool "Linc"?


My Favorite Celebrity


We'll miss you, Flo Jo

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