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Call this a test, or more like an intervention. I am going to save you from yourself.

Here's my take on the whole Monica thing. I admit that I was among those that was amused by the propects of the President getting lip service in the Oval Office. I still think of stiff necks like Nixon and Reagan when I think of presidents. It hits on the reality of the times to know that the president had tried weed, and has a bit of the superfreak in him. He is the first president since Carter (with none before that) that seems to be totally comfortable around African-Americans. This baby boomer, that met JFK as a young man, took his role model's sex exploits to heart too. Billy Boy has a long string of liasions at least as far back as when he was head man in Arkansas. I am sure Gennifer Flowers, who supposedly was Bill's 12 year sex partner in his Arkansas days, she must be mad as hell that Monica got in so close so fast. Moving up to president put a big crimp in his style. Due to his high visibility, his choice of discreet contact with willing women is limited. If you believe some of the buzz, then Monica actually made it clear that she was "down for whatever". It is an unsettling thought that the world's most powerful man, the leader of the free world, who can blow the shit out of the planet with one press of a button (theoretically), is emotionally immature enough to be tempted by the adoration of a kid, a young girl with a crush. It is a shame that we come down so hard on Monica for her looks. She was just in the right place at the right time, was ambitious enough to pursue him, and more than a few women are actually jealous that she was capable of seducing such a powerful man. There are women right now still dying for a chance to sleep with Mick Jagger's old boney ass! And the Secret Service! They were going along with the hookups Bill and Monica were having, which only adds to the feeling that the very life of the president, the so called national security was put in jeopardy because as men, they understood that, to quote from the movie Mo' Betta Blues, "it's just a dick thing". We should be thanking Monica, because after all, that time he let loose and stained her dress, she could have flew into a rage and stabbed him through the heart with a 24 carat gold presidential letter opener.

So, although there is really a "top 100 sites" sites, you just can't get there from here.

It's okay though, it's not too late, you can always reform. Just take this as a warning that you need to stop focusing on such silly things. (Look at me talking, with the Scary Spice info on this site!) Just remember, no one knows that you were here. This is a hit and run. Just click any of the page selections below, and you are back on track.

Your secret is safe with me.


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